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3 Farm Management Software Considerations

Do you use tech to boost your farm’s productivity? Discover the top three things you should look for in farm management software.



Farming is one of the world's oldest professions. Farmers have been successfully feeding our society for thousands of years. However, as our communities grew, so did the responsibilities of our farmers.

Today, most farmers are responsible for growing quality commodities, tracking crews of laborers, managing finances, and controlling the quality of their crops. It's a lot for any one person, family, or team to handle! The good news is that technological advances in the field give the modern farmer access to tools to work smarter and not harder.

Using technology to manage farm operations isn't just tech for tech's sake. The right software can improve the efficiency of everyday activities on your farm, saving you time and money. In this blog post, you'll learn about the top three things you should expect from farm management software.

3 Things to Look for in Farm Management Software

Whether you're a first-generation farmer or carrying on a family tradition of decades of farming, you've learned that successful and profitable farming requires careful planning and oversight, especially regarding the team you build to help you harvest the fruits (or vegetables!) of your labor. Farm management software is ideal because it can automate manual functions, improve accuracy, and make it easier to operate your farm, no matter its size.

Research shows farm management technology has already become commonplace in the agricultural community. McKinsey surveyed over 1,300 US farmers in 2022 and found that more than 65 percent of medium and large farms (farms with more than 2,000 acres) and nearly 40 percent of small farms (less than 2,000 acres) already use farm management software. Most that aren't using it said they planned to implement farm management software within the next two years.

If you're currently using or considering farm management software, here are three things to look for in the ideal solution:

1. Ease of Use

Software should always be simple enough to use. It should be accessible for all levels of users, from farm managers and seasoned employees to brand-new staff just getting acquainted with your farm. Using the software should also be easy for those unfamiliar with technology or who don't speak English as a primary language.

Ease of use also means access. That means you and your team should be able to employ the software across your entire farm or orchard, including the areas without cellular coverage. And it shouldn't require extensive training or the need to "jump through hoops" to enter information or access data and reports.

With the right software solution, you can easily manage labor productivity with badges for simple employee clock-ins and clock-outs. You can also take quality control notes and track counts, all while using your existing devices.

2. Integration

The right farm management software solution for your farm should ideally work seamlessly with any other software systems you use to run your business, including your payroll and business intelligence (BI) systems. Therefore, your software should be ready-made for integration. Proper integration allows you to run reports and efficiently handle the labor-management issues facing most farmers, including minimum-wage adjustments, piecework break-pay, and H-2A compensation.

3. Cost

Fine print and hidden fees can quickly drive up your farm management costs. With the cost of running a successful farming operation driving upwards, farmers need to know exactly how much they are spending on their farm management solution. That's why the best farm management software solutions offer simple, transparent pricing. You should

be able to see exactly what the software will cost per employee on your payroll.

Improve Your Farm Operations

We know that managing a farm is hard work. But the good news is that the right farm management software can make it easier. Look into a custom solution that helps you keep track of your employees, their productivity, and the quality of the produce they harvest. With farm management software that is quick and easy to implement across your entire farm and workforce, you can save time and money when running your farming business. To learn more about how FieldClock can help you manage your farm and employees more effectively, subscribe to our blog.

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