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Farmer Bob Badge

It all starts with a badge

Timesheets & punch-cards are a thing of the past. FieldClock's badging system effectively takes care of both time tracking and recording production while sparing you mountains of paperwork. All it takes is the swipe of a badge.


Tracking time

All time entries are quickly synced with our servers and viewable in the Admin site.


Recording production

Know what your counts are anytime, from anywhere, not just at the end of the day.


Kiosk for warehouses

Easily manage your warehouse labor with FieldClock Kiosk. Simply configure the available tasks for the given location, mount in a convenient location, and let your employees clock-in/out at their leisure. No need to be there.

When an employee clocks in, Kiosk checks to see if a job already exists for the current date and location. If so, they're clocked-in. If not, a new job is created using the Kiosk configuration. It's that easy.

We're always improving

From providing better access to those who need it to enhancing syncing for those with poor cellular reception, we're always looking to make our products more efficient, simple and secure.

Map marked

Geo-fenced Jobs

Employees are automatically presented with jobs based on their location so everyone's working where they need to be.

Cloud download

Real-time Updates

All data is automatically & securely stored in the cloud so you can view labor and production stats in real time..


Multiple Languages

Your employees speak Spanish? No problem, so does our app! Simply turn your device to Spanish and our mobile app will follow.