No-hassle payroll

National and Local wage laws make employee payouts complex and time-consuming. Our software does all the heavy lifting, no matter the state you live in. Piecework break-pay, minimum-wage adjustments and H2A compensation are just a few of the things we can automatically calculate along with plenty of payroll integrations to choose from.

Kronos Datatech Quickbooks Famous Paylocity DFA Compu-tech Spokane Software Agstar Paychex Paymate Asure Adp Red Wing BBSI

Ranches & Blocks

Simple field management

Easily define all of your Ranches and Blocks. Assign Tasks and Varieties. Limit access and visibility. Keep track of acreage. Managing your fields through FieldClock means less maintenance and more focus on what matters: managing and growing your business.

FieldClock Ticketer scanning cherry production


Easy Human Resources

From small family Orchards to large National producers, we have all the tools to efficiently manage any number of employees. Import. Bulk-edit. Sort & filter. FieldClock offers all the proper tools for effective HR.

    • Set custom wages
    • Role-based permissions
    • Field-based permissions
    • Personalized badge
    • Assign payroll codes
    • Associate other Crew Bosses
FieldClock Ticketer scanning cherry production

Employee Portal

We created Employee Portal to allow employees to check their own hours & piecework whenever they want. All that's required is a phone that accepts text messages and a browser to access the portal . It's as simple as:

  1. Step 1

    Enter phone number

  2. Step 2

    Enter login code

  3. Step 3

    Review activity

Employee Portal