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Our prices are such a great value that we're proud to publish them.  Browse our plans and choose the one that is right for you.

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Great values for farms of all shapes and sizes



Special Flat-rate Pricing

Available to farms with less than 20 full-time employees

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Advanced features for farms with more complex needs.

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Farm Labor Contractors, we're here for you!

Special pricing is available that meets the unique needs of farm labor contractors.

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Pricing Questions?

Is my farm too small?

Never!  FieldClock is proud to be the only farm labor management solution that works just as well for small family farms as it does for large enterprises.

Is my farm too large?

Nope!  FieldClock has several customers with thousands of employees.  Our apps are battle-tested and ready to take on anything you can throw at us.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, anytime!  We understand that things change.  You may add new fields or get rid of some.  We are always ready to help you find the right plan that fits your farm's current needs.

Is there a big up-front cost?

No.  There is a one-time setup fee, but the cost is tailored to each pricing package.  We don't want our farmers to break the bank to get up and running.

What if I don't like it?

We're here for you.  All of our plans bill on a monthly basis so that you never feel locked-in.  This gives us incentive to keep providing the best experience for you and your employees every single day. 

If you aren't finding that the value that FieldClock can add is enhancing your farming operation, you can leave at any time -- all we ask is that you tell us why so that we can improve for the future.

Farm Labor Management Solutions Fit for Your Farm, Your Budget