It's your data!

It is our firm belief that farms need access to their data to make smart decisions.  You can't do this if your data is held hostage, which is why we publish our API for you to use.

FieldClock API

FieldClock Leads the Way

We don't need to be everything to everybody, we just need to be the best labor management platform for your farm.

Your farm deserves a platform with a future-proof approach, which is why we open up our API and support integration with other systems.  Use the best tool for each part of your farm.

Maximum Efficiency

The modern farm has more and more technology. Avoid redundant data entry by allowing the systems talk to each other.

Business Intelligence

Let's face it, you have data from many sources on your farm. Combine those data sources into holistic dashboards like PowerBI or Tableau.

Custom Integrations

No matter what your other systems are, if you can get data out of them you can probably integrate it with FieldClock.


Need clarification?

What is an API?

An API is a method for computer systems to communicate with each other.  For instance, you may want employee data to automatically transmit from your HR system to FieldClock, or payroll data to automatically transmit from FieldClock to your payroll service.

Why do I need API access?

Farming, and especially farm labor, is getting more expensive every year.  Acting on your data is what we like to call the "moneyball" moment for farmers.

Do I need a programmer on staff?

Nope!  Even if you don't have dedicated IT or developer resources, we're happy to introduce you to consultants that we've worked with who can help you maximize your farm's operations.