Harvust helps farmers streamline human resource tasks (onboarding new employees, safety training, and communication) easily and efficiently.


FieldClock + Harvust

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  • Streamlined employee onboarding (in the office or in the field)
  • Compliance with safety trainings (scan FieldClock badge to take attendance)
  • Communication direct to employee's phones (including translations)

Ready to see it in action?

FieldClock + Harvust Recorded Webinar

Riley Clubb from Harvust and Andrew Stankiewicz with FieldClock dive into the numerous features that are helping farms of all sizes become more efficient and headache-free when it comes to labor management in our latest webinar.

Agriculture already comes with a hefty set of variables that are hard to manage such as weather and markets. Lost efficiency and increased stress due to labor is a leech to many operations. Harvust and FieldClock have a beautiful partnership that really comes down to the increased availability of solutions for labor. This keeps BOTH employees and their employers happy and focused on growing the next stellar crop!

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