The right app for each situation

FieldClock's suite of apps and integrations creates a powerful platform to meet your personal farm labor management needs. 

Track time and attendance in the field, warehouse, office, or anywhere else you want to access real-time data.

FieldClock Platform

Different apps for different needs

Each part of your organization has its own unique needs so FieldClock has created a variety of apps to provide the best experience for every situation. 

FieldClock iOS and Android


The Ultimate Farm Labor App

The FieldClock app is our solution for your employees out in the field. 

Track time and attendance, breaks, piecework production, quality control and more in real time with our powerful mobile app.

FieldClock Kiosk


The App for Office & Warehouse

FieldClock's Kiosk app runs unattended so your employees can clock themselves in-or-out without needing their own devices. 

Track attendance and break time using our simple wall-mounted app.

FieldClock Admin Site

Admin Site

A Powerful Administrative Dashboard for Decision Makers

The Admin Site is our web-based control panel and dashboard for managing your FieldClock account. 

Your management and administrative employees can track your farm labor, monitor production data, and run payroll from anywhere they have internet service.  

FieldClock Employee Portal

Employee Portal

Creating Transparency between Employer and Employee

Farmers can provide their employees with peace of mind through the use of our Employee Portal. 

The Employee Portal is a web app for your employees to keep track of their time and pieces.  No email address or user account required!

FieldClock API

FieldClock API

Integrate with Anything

The FieldClock API provides you full access to all of your data whenever and however you want it.

Export data to BI tools such as Tableau or PowerBI, or create custom integrations with other systems you are already using on your farm.

Apps built to handle all your farm labor management needs