Farm Labor Management Made Simple

FieldClock was built by farmers, for farmers. Our initial goals were simple data collection in the field and easy office data management. It wasn’t long before we realized others were looking for the same things, so we opened our platform to share with farmers everywhere. 

With clients across multiple continents, FieldClock has grown into a comprehensive farm labor management platform that can handle small and large labor management solutions for farms today. 

FieldClock iOS and Android

All the Farm Labor Management Features You Need in One App

Farming is time and labor-intensive. FieldClock saves you time and money by relieving your administrative burden, not adding to it.  

We keep our tech simple so that farmers and farm workers can spend time doing what they do best, not managing an app.

Here are just some of our farmers' favorite FieldClock features: 

Labor Tracking

Track time and attendance, piecework, and more!

Breaks/Non-Productive Time

Monitor breaks, trainings, travel time, and all the other time you pay for.

Offline Mode

No cellular service? No problem! FieldClock works in offline mode.

Pay Styles

Choose your pay style. Hourly, piece rate, hourly + piece rate incentives, or by weight.

Payroll Exports

Export to over two dozen popular payroll systems.

Pay Templates

Reduce repetitive configuration with your own custom pay rules.

Production Styles

Track piecework by individual, ad-hoc groups, or defined teams.

Basic QC

Record simple quality control notes and capture production photos in the field.

Advanced QC

Create custom QC templates to make sure your people measure the right things.


FieldClock is always there when you need it. We have provided "four 9s" of availability for years.


Basic reports, custom reports, custom integrations, API access... it's your data at your fingertips.


Pay by weight or just track it for your records.


Industry-standard encrypted communications and backups.

Piecework Ticketing

Use our custom-generated tickets for piecework, or your own pre-printed tickets/tags.


Search for pieces and pack-runs to find out where that fruit came from.

And more!

We'd love to walk you through all the features we can't list here.

We also do payroll!

FieldClock is proud to provide a payroll service custom-built for small farms.  Got a handful of employees and tired of jumping through hoops with your payroll software?  We've got you covered.