It all started in a pickup truck...

In 2015, some growers and a nerd met in an apple shed in Rock Island, Washington. On the way back to town, one of the growers lamented the pain of tracking hours for his farmworkers who were in the thick of harvest season.

They looked high and low for a solution, and, despite the glut of timekeeping solutions, nothing existed that solved the unique problem that farmers face. Based on that need, FieldClock was born.

FieldClock was built to solve the unique needs of farmers. We started by solving the needs of our founding partners, and grew to solve the needs of their friends and neighbors. Farm by farm, crop by crop, we continued to expand to farms across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Today FieldClock helps farmers track over 60,000 employees and facilitates over $650 million in payroll annually. 


Farmers first

Our ultimate objective is to help farmers solve the real problems they face daily on their farms. FieldClock works with our clients to create custom solutions for their farm labor management needs.

We take feedback and constantly seek new and improved ways to make tracking time, labor, and production quality easy and efficient. 


Farmers First!
Washington Team Photo

Who we are

Here are the qualities we strive for when serving our farmers: 

  • Curious & Energetic: We want the best resolution and don't settle for what is most convenient.
  • Thoughtful: We actively listen and take time to understand what is being said in its full context.
  • Creative: We firmly believe that every problem has a solution, even when it’s not obvious and we will work until we find it.
  • Professional: Our team is always respectful, calm, composed, and helpful.
  • Effective: We aim to resolve problems efficiently and leave people satisfied.


Meet our management team

Joshua Farray

Co-Founder & CEO

Jeff Moser

Co-Founder & CFO

Ryan Vickery

Co-Founder & Chairman

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