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Why FieldClock

FieldClock was built by farmers, for farmers. Our initial goals were simple data collection in the field, paired with easy data management in the office. It wasn’t long before we realized others were looking for the same things, so we decided to open our platform up. What followed was a fruitful collaboration that’s still continuing to this day.


Empowering employees

Empowering employees through total transparency is at the core of our philosophy. As such, we built an entire product specifically to help make this happen. Employee Portal allows all employees, regardless of location or time of day, to check their hours and piece counts so you no longer have to post activity sheets in centralized locations.

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A wholistic approach

Our suite of solutions range from field work to warehouses, offices to on-the-go.

In the field

Simple data collection

Punch cards and timesheets are a thing of the past. Our simple badging system takes care of two birds with one stone: clocking employees in and out as well as recording production. All data are immediately saved to the device itself, then subsequently synced with our servers and is accessible via the Admin site almost instantly.

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At the office

Robust data management

Our administrative portal has all the tools to effectively manage any size operation. View field costs & productivity. Grant role & field-based permissions. Integrate with your specific payroll such as Kronos, Compu-Tech or Farmers Office. View labor and production stats in real-time.

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FieldClock is going to revolutionize the way we do harvest.

Kyle Mathison, Owner, Kyle Mathison Orchards

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Payroll Processes


Pieces Tracked








FieldClock picker excellent solution for apple orchards

Security & Compliance

We've got you covered

From encrypted communications to secured browsers, and national and local wage requirements to government and state audits, FieldClock ensures you're not only safe from malicious attackers, but are also in compliance and prepared for anything else that might come. 🙂

Original Time Records

Government audit? We keep all of your original time records available for when you need them. No setup. Already done.

Encrypted Communication

All sessions and communications within the FieldClock ecosystem are encrypted to help protect your account.

Local Wage Laws

Localities have complicated break-pay requirements. You create the rules, FieldClock does the math.

Available on iOS and Android

No proprietary hardware required. No contracts. No pressure. Our mobile apps are just the start of a simple and painless move to better managing your harvest operations. Get started now with no obligation.

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