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Ditch the pen and paper!

Our industry-leading farm labor management apps deliver real-time labor and production data directly from the field to the office.

  • Easily collect accurate labor and production data from your fields in real time!
  • Pay your employees quickly and correctly with minimal effort!
  • Month-to-month pricing. No contracts required!
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FieldClock Platform

"FieldClock paid for itself during the first harvest season we used it."

-Dave Martin, Dave Martin Farms


We know our platform is a great value, which is why we can publish our prices with confidence.


Manage your farm like a boss using our suite of labor management features

Accurately tracking your labor, piecework and other tasks using pen and paper or punch cards is inefficient and costly. FieldClock saves you time and money by relieving your administrative burden, not adding to it. If you have a mobile device, you now have the power to manage your farm in real time and access that data from anywhere!


Why farmers choose FieldClock for labor management and data collection

No Maintenance

Never worry about managing backups or whether your server is up to date. Even when you aren't connected to Wi-Fi, all data is saved to the device itself, then synced with our servers and accessible on your Admin site almost instantly.


No clunky proprietary hardware is required- if you have an Apple or Android device, you can have FieldClock! Available directly in the App Store and Google Play, the latest and greatest version is always available and there is no upcharge.


Every farm's labor and data management needs are unique. With a variety of features and customizations, FieldClock can be configured to show the options that your employees need without the clunkiness of other apps.


We hate the thought of annoying sales reps trying to get you to prepay for years of service. FieldClock offers month-to-month pricing plans so you can use our labor management solution without feeling like you're trapped in a long-term contract.


What farmers are saying about FieldClock

"It was very obvious that the app was created by orchardists for orchardists."

"FieldClock has cut our time in half, if not more, on payroll entries. "


Meet some of the farmers saving time and money with the help of FieldClock

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Auvil Fruit
Orchard View
Starr Ranch
Above the Dirt
Honeybear Brands
Lynch Creek Farms
Baker Produce
Columbia Fruit
Adams County Nursery
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Case study from a FieldClock client


Dave Martin Farms was a small farm using paper and punchcards to track time and piece rate work.


Switching to FieldClock removed the need to round up time and piece counts and also saved back-office time that was spent counting punchcards and entering time.


Dave put it best:  "FieldClock paid for itself during the first wife and I now save about 100 hours each during harvest."


Farm labor law updates and news from the industry


Learn how much you're likely to overpay with the old ways

Many farmers think that pen and paper (and punchcards) is the cheapest way to manage their labor.  In reality, overpayment and liability are much more expensive than our labor tracking services.


Answers to some frequently asked questions

Does the app work without internet?

Yes!  The FieldClock app is designed to work in "offline mode" for those remote fields with no cellular coverage.  Data will be uploaded when the phones return to cellular signal or wifi.

Do I need special hardware?

Nope!  FieldClock is built for commodity iOS and Android devices that you can buy from your local store or online.

Does the app work in Spanish?

Yes!  All of our apps work in English and Spanish and more languages can be easily added if needed.  We also take great care to make sure the mobile apps are usable by anybody -- no tech experience required!

Do I have to pay for upgrades?

Never!  FieldClock is unique in offering our apps directly in the App Store and Google Play.  You will always have access to the latest and greatest version.

Need more clarification?

Our sales team is available to answer your questions and demo how FieldClock can help your farm

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