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Rising Labor Costs Present Challenges for Farmers. FieldClock is Here to Help.

From an increasing minimum wage, changes to AEWR and H-2A laws, and stricter overtime regulations, the cost of labor has never been more expensive for farmers. Now, it’s more important than ever for farmers to manage their labor costs efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Enter FieldClock. FieldClock saves farmers time and money by reducing the administrative burden of paper time cards. Using unique employee QR badges and geofenced job sites, our apps track farm labor and production data instantly and accurately while reducing the risk of time loss in the field. FieldClock clients report reducing their time spent on payroll by 50 percent or more by adopting the farm labor management software.

FieldClock’s Vice President of Revenue Andrew Stankiewicz says, “Our clients save an average of 3-5% of their total labor cost when digitizing their farm labor management. FieldClock saves administrative hours, reduces human error, and provides a comprehensive, accurate view of real-time labor so farmers can make faster, data-driven decisions.”

Farmers and Farm Management professionals will have the opportunity to see FieldClock firsthand at the World Ag Expo 2024 in Tulare, CA. Representatives will be on hand to demo how the app is helping farmers save time and money throughout the U.S., including a brand-new payroll solution built specifically for small farms! 

World Ag Expo visitors can check FieldClock out at Booth 1405. Visitors at the FieldClock booth could walk away with prizes, new customer incentives, important labor law updates, and an opportunity to take home a free labor law poster. 

Stankiewicz adds, “We look forward to being back in Tulare this year and showing everyone at the World Ag Expo all the new and enhanced features we’ve been working on!” 

For more information about FieldClock at the World Ag Expo or to schedule a custom demo during the show, contact Andrew Stankiewicz at 559-777-7317 or


FieldClock is a time and labor management application built by farmers for farmers. The app’s office-on-the-go approach provides farmers and farm managers with real-time information, from the fields to the warehouses. Farmers have access to clear, concise reports, allowing decision-makers to track their data, labor, and dollars, all while saving time and administrative costs. 

Schedule a free demo with a FieldClock representative at 

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