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Small Farm Payroll is Finally Here!

FieldClock is proud to announce the first payroll solution built specifically for small farms!



At FieldClock, we pride ourselves on maintaining a partnership with our customers.  Our best features start as suggestions from you, the farmer.  Each part of FieldClock has been developed to meet the needs of our customers' everyday real life rather than some disconnected product manager's desk.  We started with time tracking, and then it was piecework, breaks, quality control, reporting, integrations... the list goes on!

Since the early days of FieldClock, one of the most frequently requested features has been payroll.  It makes sense -- large farms have access to ag-specific payroll systems and ERPs, but most small farms were stuck with off-the-shelf generic accounting software.  Generic software is fine for many industries, but it's not great for farmers.

We always understood how awesome payroll could be, but it would have been a massive development effort and we we wanted to stay laser-focused on our industry-leading farm labor apps.

Thankfully, with a little patience, we got the best of both worlds!  ADP is a trusted payroll industry leader and we're proud to use their proven platform to power the first-of-its-kind payroll solution for farms.  We understand farm labor, and ADP understands payroll.  Combined, we are excited to launch FieldClock Payroll Powered by ADP®

With FieldClock Payroll Powered by ADP, your day-to-day workflow will be easier than its ever been.  Track your employees' time and piecework in FieldClock then run payroll directly in our Admin Site.  Advanced payroll functionality (like tax filings and reports) are only a click away and securely managed by the same payroll provider that pays 1 in 6 workers in the US.  We truly believe this will be the best payroll experience a small farm could ask for.

As always, we're about flexibility.  Our existing payroll exports and integrations will continue to receive first class support, and we'll add new exports whenever needed.  FieldClock Payroll Powered by ADP is a new service line that you can add to your account if you want to take advantage of seamless payroll directly in the FieldClock interface, but it's always your farm and your choice.

Are you a small farm that wants farm-focused payroll?  Join the waitlist.


p.s.  If you happen to be at the Farm Bureau's national convention this weekend, visit us at booth 926

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