Accurate Time & Attendance Tracking

Payroll becomes a snap with FieldClock as employee tracking becomes automated and easy integration with most payroll systems ensures smooth accounting.

Clean Data for Compliance Audits

Any type of audit can be a time consuming task to gather all of the information that you need. FieldClock aggregates all of your crop, harvest, and HR data in one place for easy export and less frustration.

Real Time Reporting Metrics

Get data from the field as it is scanned so that you can know exactly what is happening without having to wait hours or even days to get the results of your hard work. Make adjustments to your plans on the fly with data that isn’t stale.

Quality Control Reporting

FieldClock makes it easier to track yield and quality by location to ensure the integrity of your product is consistent. Reports that used to take hours to put together are built into the FieldClock interface for easy reference.

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