Traceability at your fingertips

Traceability has been a growing concern for years, and compliance will become more important as laws change over the next few years.

FieldClock provides easy access to traceability features.  Each piece we track is coded with the time, location, and employees that interacted with it.  Future-proof your operations!

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Data points we track for you


All piece tracking activity is associated with affected employees. Even if you have multiple employees "team picking", we track which employees participated and which employee checked their work.


Each activity that affects a tracked piece is coded with the location where the event occurred. Want to know the history of a bin in your cold storage? See each step of its journey from the field to your feet.


Every piece gets its own unique tracking number. This number identifies what's in the box (or lug, bucket, bin, etc.) and associates all traceability information for the life of the piece.


Each activity is logged with the time it occurred so you can trace the full life of a piece through your system and to the packhouse or beyond.

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Connecting field data to packaged product

FieldClock's piece and ticket records can be traced throughout the system with existing barcodes or with QR codes that are generated by FieldClock in the field.  This provides visibility into what is it, who picked it, where did they pick it, when did they pick it, who modified it since then, etc.

Tickets and pieces can also be associated with pack runs.  Pack codes on boxes can be used to search for associated pieces in FieldClock and trace product from the retail shelf all the way back to the location in the field where it was picked.


Need clarification?

Can I use my own tickets for traceability?

Maybe.  If your tickets have a unique identifier that can be scanned by the FieldClock app (e.g. a QR or other barcode), you can use your own ticketing system.  If you do not have a scannable code, you can use FieldClock-generated codes (such as QR stickers) to add traceable data to your existing tickets.

Can I trace pack codes back to field production?

Yes!  If your pack code ties back to a specific run across the line, you can search for that run ID to determine which fruit made it in the run.


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