A Time Clock for Farms!

As a farmer, you are faced with unique difficulties that are other industries may not encounter.  Whether it's far-flung fields with no reception, or a workforce that doesn't have or use smart phones, farming is special and you need a special time clock just for farms.

FieldClock iOS and Android

What makes FieldClock the best time clock for farms?


Clocking-in employees with FieldClock is the fastest way to get your crew clocked-in with an accurate headcount. Never have employees standing around waiting to get clocked-in or clocked-out.


Even if your employees have never used a smartphone before, they can use FieldClock. Our easy-to-use interface is designed to be used without complicated time-consuming training.


We know every farm is a little different. Rather than force you into our way of doing things, we make FieldClock as flexible as possible so you can configure it to your farm's unique needs.


Whenever you create a new QC report, you can associate it with an employee or even with a box of fruit, simply by scanning it.

FieldClock Admin Site

Pay your employees correctly with accurate data

FieldClock is all about accuracy.  Our scanning system is designed to be amazingly fast so that your employees can be clocked-in accurately.

  • If you've ever overpaid employees because you clocked-in "by crew", you know how expensive mistakes can be.
  • If you've ever underpaid employees because somebody forgot to write a name down, you not only have a compliance problem but you also let down that employee.

In addition to accurate timestamps, when your employees are clocked-in via the FieldClock app you will also see who clocked them in and where in the field it happened.


Need clarification?

Is scanning really fast enough for my farm?

We've heard that scanning is slow in some other timekeeping apps.  Thankfully, this is not a problem in FieldClock.  Badge scans happen in as little as few milliseconds and you can clock-in an entire crew of people as quickly as they can walk off the bus.

What about fields with no internet access?

FieldClock has a robust offline mode for farms in areas with no internet access.  All the same accurate data will be stored locally on the device and uploaded to our servers at a later time when the device can be brought into cellular or wifi coverage.

Can I clock-in employees by crew?

While our primary clock-in method is badge scanning, FieldClock also offers multiple options for clocking-in or moving groups of people.

What if an employee forgot their badge?

As mentioned, FieldClock is very configurable to your farm's needs.  There is a search function that can be used to look up employees by name or ID if they don't have their badge -- and this feature can also be disabled if want to enforce badge-scans as the clock-in method.  Your farm, your rules!

What about buddy punching?

FieldClock badges are designed to be printed with the employee's photo on them.  When your supervisors clock-in employees, they will see the photo in the hand of the employee they are clocking-in.

If you wish to restrict which employees can clock-in other employees, this can be configured to be more permissive or more restrictive depending on your farm's needs.

How do employees know they can trust the app?

Accurate timekeeping is not just a compliance burden for the employer, it's also a fundamental right for the employee.  When an employee is clocked-in with FieldClock, the app provides audible and visual confirmation so that the employee knows they were recorded at that moment. 

FieldClock is also an industry leader in employee transparency.  If the farm enables it, employees can sign-in to the FieldClock Employee Portal and preview their own hours and other information.  We strongly believe that good communication with your employees leads to good retention which is more important every season.


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