Tickets, please

If you want to pay by weight or just track it for your records, FieldClock has a solution for you.

Our flexible scales integration can handle small scales for portability in the field, or large pallet scales at your warehouse.  The weight data streams to our app using BlueTooth Low Energy without the hassle of pairing.


FieldClock iOS and Android

What are the options?

FieldClock Tickets

Our app will generate unique tracking # for every piece recorded. Each # identifies the picker, field, variety, and other metadata.

Pre-Printed Tickets

You can use your own existing ticketing system as long as there is a scannable code to associate. All the same traceability functionality will be available.

Just-in-time Printing

FieldClock can generate scannable QR codes and print them on waterproof or sticky labels to affix to your piecework, making every piece traceable.


Tickets are useful for certain piecework jobs (like picking oranges), but not for others (like pruning trees). Use them when you want to.

FieldClock Receipt

Ticket how you want 

We've had farms who print tickets for every single piece, farms who use their own tickets, and other farms who never print tickets at all.  Whatever your needs are, we've got a solution for you.

Using tickets unlocks traceability and quality control power that you probably haven't had before.  Each ticket is permanently associated with the picker (or pickers) involved as well as where and when it was picked.  If you are in the unfortunate position of a recall, you can swiftly narrow down the fruit involved.


Need clarification?

How do I print tickets?

FieldClock works with off-the-shelf printers from Zebra.  These printers are battle-hardened and work in the harsh conditions common in the field.  Check out our help center for more information about which scales we support.

I like my tickets, can I use them with FieldClock?

Yes!  If your tickets already have a scannable code on them, using them with FieldClock is easy.  Scannable codes can also be added using serial-number stickers that are available online.

Can I search for tickets after the fact?

Yes!  Our ticketing system is designed to provide traceability and discoverability so that you can quickly access the history of any piece you find in your cold storage or on a retail shelf.


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