Measure production

If you want to pay by weight or just track it for your records, FieldClock has a solution for you.

Our flexible scales integration can handle small scales for portability in the field, or large pallet scales at your warehouse.  The weight data streams to our app using BlueTooth Low Energy without the hassle of pairing.


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What can you do with scales?

Pay by Weight

Tie compensation directly to the weight coming out of the field. The workflow is the same as for piecework jobs -- just scan away!

Track Production

Pay employees by the hour (or piece) but use scales to track overall produced weight. Keep track of your harvest!

Minimum Weight

Even if you don't pay by weight, you can still use scales to set minimum weight requirements for your pickers.

Commodity Hardware

You don't have to buy expensive proprietary FieldClock devices. Purchase high-quality scales directly from the manufacturers at a fraction of the cost.

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Scales without reinventing the wheel

We aren't in the business of selling hardware.  This is better for farms because you can pick the best hardware for your needs and you're not held-back by our offerings.  It also incentivizes us to continue offering the best software available since we don't lock you in to our ecosystem.

We've selected tried-and-true industrial scales from world-class manufacturers so that you can purchase the hardware directly from companies that are focused on making the best scales available.  By skipping the middle man you also get the most affordable scale solution available.


Need clarification?

Will the scales work with multiple devices?

Yes!  It seems like it would be a nuisance to have a single device hard-wired to the scale, so all connectivity is handled over BlueTooth.

Can I use scales I already own?

Maybe.  If your scale has a RS232 serial output, we can probably make something work.  Reach out to our sales team for more information.

Do the scales require power?

Nope!  All of our scale solutions work off battery power with easy recharging options.

Can I buy scales from FieldClock

We do not directly sell scales but are happy to introduce you to our preferred vendors.  You can also schedule a white-glove installation and setup from our expert onboarding staff.  Contact our sales team for more information.


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