Empower your farm

The modern farmer needs to be able to make fast and smart decisions to deploy labor in the most efficient manner.  This requires quick and easy access to real-time data so that farm operations are visible and actionable.

It's your data, not ours.  Use it!

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Flexible options to access your data

Basic Reports

Many common reports are pre-built and just a click away. See how much you're spending to farm each block, or how many employees are approaching OT, or who your top performers are.

Custom Reports

Need a specific report that is customized to your farm? Our custom reports feature allows you to build your own reports and dashboard.

Business Intelligence

Already using an external BI tool such as Tableau or PowerBI? FieldClock makes it easy to pump your farm data to your BI tool.

Open API

For the businesses that need advanced access to their data and integration with specialized systems, we offer direct access to the FieldClock API.

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Block-level accounting

Farming is becoming more expensive every season.  The modern farmer needs to be able to make smart decisions on a block-by-block level.  

FieldClock's reporting tools allow you to quickly drill into your farming costs at multiple levels - whether you want to look at the farm as a whole, specific blocks, or even per-acre costs of farming different blocks.

Real-time decision making

Whenever you have people doing piece rate work, you need to keep an eye on individual performance.  If somebody is going too fast, they might need to slow down and take more care.  If somebody is going too slow, they might need more training on how they can improve.

These are the scenarios that are impossible to manage with pen and paper but become easy with FieldClock.

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Keep costs in check

If you have to pay overtime, you know how expensive it can be when employees have crossed the threshold into higher pay.  Keep track of your employees' activity to be aware when you're in danger of incurring exorbitant labor costs.


Need clarification?

Are there any restrictions on the data I can access?

Never!  We strongly believe that your data is your data.  Many screens in the Admin Site allow you to quickly download CSV data for employees, ranches, and more.  For advanced needs, you can query the FieldClock API or use Custom Reports to fetch any data in your account.  And, if you find any data difficult to access, our support team will be happy to assist you in getting it.

Can you help me get data into my BI tool?

Yes!  Our Complete plan is designed to help you get your data into an external BI tool or other system.  Our support team is standing by and ready to help.

Can I build rolling reports that always show the past few weeks?

Yes!  Custom Reports allow you to create rolling time periods so you can always have an easy "look back" at your activity.


Ready to see it in action?