Quality control

Whether you're in the field and see something that needs to be noted, or you have a specific QC checklist that your quality staff completes, FieldClock has flexible options for your farm.

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What can you track with a scan?

Time & Attendance

Clocking-in employees takes less than a second. With scanning this fast, you can avoid the inaccuracies that you have with traditional "crew" management.


Whether you pay by piece, or simply want to track production, FieldClock has you covered. Track quantities for individuals or teams.


Take the pain out of tracking weight! Connect to bluetooth scales and stream weight data directly to FieldClock and track it with each scan.


Whenever you create a new QC report, you can associate it with an employee or even with a box of fruit, simply by scanning it.

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Get up and running in minutes

The core FieldClock interface is a color-coded QR scanner.  Training for new employees can be as simple as "tap on the red tab and scan away".  

Keeping things simple avoids the risk of having new employees hired who can't understand the app.  Even if your employees have never used a smartphone before, they can use FieldClock.


Need clarification?

Is it really that easy?

Yes!  It's really that easy.  There are advanced features available, but most of your employees will simply be pointing the app at QR codes.

Can I track pieces but still pay hourly?

Yes!  The scanning interface makes it very easy to track piecework whether you are paying piece rate or hourly.  For more information about pay options, check out [PAY OPTIONS LINK].

Can I use devices with a laser scanner?

FieldClock supports some Android devices that have laser scanners.  This is not required, but may be convenient if you already have devices.

Can I use biometrics instead of QR codes?

We are not currently supporting biometric readers because we do not think this is the best experience in practice.

Many employees are wearing gloves or other gear that makes fingerprints impractical - and external readers cause additional complications in the harsh field environment.

Another consideration is the frequently changing legal requirements for biometric processing.  Our goal is for the tech to be a seamless integration into your workflow, not a legal nuisance.

Based on our years of experience in labor tracking, we have determined that QR code scanning currently offers the best balance between benefits and drawbacks.


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