Safeguards for pay

Sometimes you need to pay more for certain jobs, or certain varieties.  FieldClock makes this easy with configurable pay templates.

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Why do I need pay templates?

Reduce Data Entry

If you have pay templates for your common jobs, managers don't have to spend their time configuring pay.

Avoid Mistakes

Prevent employees from paying too much or too little for specific work.

Overnight Premiums

Many farms and warehouses pay a premium for "swing shift" work. If you need to pay a little extra to the graveyard crew, it's easy to do.

High-Value Varieties

Sometimes you have work that requires your employees to go slow and steady. Reward them for their diligence by customizing pay rules for the varieties (or tasks) that need it.

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Guardrails for pay configurations

A pay template is merely a rule you configure that provides defaults and boundaries for your employees.

You can configure any number of templates to cover all of your common scenarios.  Need to pay a higher rate for picking Honeycrisp?  No problem.  Need to prevent managers from paying too much for low-returning varieties?  No problem.

Pay templates are just another way FieldClock empowers your employees to keep your farm running within your parameters.


Need clarification?

Do I have to configure pay templates for all jobs?

Nope.  Pay templates are totally optional.  Use them when you have repetitive configurations or when you need to ensure extra pay for specific workloads.

Can my managers override pay templates?

Pay templates are specifically designed to prevent incorrect pay configurations.  If you specify a minimum (or maximum) rate of pay, your managers will not be able to pay below (or above) the specified rates.

What happens when employees work overtime or doubletime?

Pay templates only affect the initial job configuration (i.e. the base pay for the job).  Your overtime and doubletime rules will still be applied however you configure them in your wage programs [LINK TO WAGE PROGRAMS].

Can I specify pay rules for piecework jobs?

Yes!  Pay templates can be used to create rules for hourly, piecework, or hourly+piecework jobs.  


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