No internet?  No problem!

You may have fields in far-flung locations that the phone companies haven't found yet.  FieldClock works offline so your employees can continue to use it even when they don't have internet access.

FieldClock works offline on iOS and Android
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How does it work?

The only time your users need access to the internet is when they first sign-in to the app, or when they want to upload the data they've collected.

Once the initial sign-in is complete, your users' device will have all the data it needs to work offline.  They can track hours, piecework, and all the rest of the data that FieldClock collects without any internet access or cellular signal.  When they return to coverage (via cell signal or WiFi), FieldClock will upload the data to our servers.


Need clarification?

Does FieldClock work in airplane mode?

Yes!  In fact, we encourage users to use airplane mode when they are in poor coverage areas to preserve battery life.

Will the data upload when I have no cellular signal?

FieldClock requires access to the internet to upload data that has been collected.  If an area has no cellular signal but has access to WiFi, FieldClock can still upload data.  If no cellular signal or WiFi is available, the data will be stored on the device until it can be uploaded.


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