Gimme' a break!

Farm work is rarely as simple as "clock-in and clock-out".  You have rest breaks, trainings, travel time, and all sorts of other specific needs.

FieldClock makes it easy to track and pay your employees regardless of what they might be doing in a particular moment.

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What type of time can I track?

Rest Breaks

Everybody needs a break, and every business needs to be able to show it's compliant with labor laws.

Travel Time

Sometimes your fields aren't right next to each other and you need to pay employees while they move between locations.


Do you have employees showing up for a mandatory training before they start work? Clock them in and track the training time.


Non-productive time is completely configurable in FieldClock. Your account will be set up to match the specific needs of your farm.

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Ensure correct rest break accounting for piecework

Some regions (like Washington State) have specific rules regarding piecework break pay.  FieldClock makes it easy to pay your employees the correct amount even when the calculation method is complicated. 

If you've been trying to figure out regular rate of pay in your accounting system, let FieldClock do it for you!


Need clarification?

What types of break time does FieldClock support?

All types!  Your account is configured to match the needs of your farm.  Create arbitrary time codes to match the work that your employees perform.

Can I create unpaid breaks?

Yes!  You may have common unpaid time, such as lunch breaks, that you want to track.  FieldClock makes it easy to track paid or unpaid time.

How does automatic piecework break pay work?

Some areas (like Washington State) have specific formula that farms must pay.  For instance, you may need to calculate break pay even if a manager forgot to log the break that day.  FieldClock allows you to specify your formula and ensures that all relevant employees will be paid at least as much as is required (while providing you the flexibility to pay more if desired).

Can employees log their own breaks?

Yes!  Employees clocking in or out via Kiosk can log their own break time without requiring a supervisor to check them out.


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