FELS + FieldClock

FELS® + FieldClock + Harvust: Headache Relief for California Ag Employers

Take control of how you manage labor on your farm with the best tools and experts in the field.

Get some "piece" of mind...and savings!

FieldClock is the most modern and most accessible farm labor app available.  Our apps are built for iOS and Android, with no proprietary hardware to buy and maintain.

FELS Newsletter subscribers receive $500 off setup of FieldClock Pro and $1,000 off setup for FieldClock Complete.

FieldClock works best with Harvust

Harvust is our favorite the tool for onboarding farm employees.  The seamless integration with FieldClock provides you with the best of both worlds -- the best farm labor compliance and the best farm labor management at the best price!

New and existing Harvust customers receive an additional $500 off your FieldClock setup fee!

"FieldClock paid for itself during the first harvest we used it."

Dave Martin– Dave Martin Farms