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Cost-Effective Farming is Possible!

As a farmer you're dealing with people, sprays, equipment, and a ton of other things that we don't have enough space to list here.  The variety of your expenses can make it hard to keep track of costs in relation to each other. 

At FieldClock we are committed to fair and transparent pricing -- and that also means helping you understand the cost in context of your headcount, acreage, or payroll.  Use the calculator below to estimate your cost through different perspectives.


How many employees work for you in your slowest month?
How many employees work for you in your busiest month?
Which months are you busiest (e.g. harvest)?
How many acres do you farm?
Which plan are you looking at?
Not sure which plan to pick? Compare plans.

Please fill out all the fields to generate the most accurate estimate of your usage. If you aren't sure what values to use, our sales team will be happy to assist.